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My stat release date was June 2017 but I got charged with attempted murder for a stabbing so I'm lookin at some more time. Esthetically, I'm 5'9" and around 190 lbs, fully sleeved and tattooed on my chest. Hobbies: I like playing sports plus working out in the gym. I like to keep my mind sharp and my body looking good by hitting the gym.Also listening to music and working on my own music. I'm a big fan of mixed martial arts (UFC) and hockey.

Even though I usually have a smile on my face and remain the utmost positive, I will have a day or two out of the year where I'll need a shoulder to lean on. Mostly just negative people and extremely low cut v-neck t-shirts. I love electronic music, poetry, writing, working out, cooking and just about anything pro-social. As a recovering addict, I see the beauty in everything and everyone.It was nice helping people get their lives back together from all of their losses after the fires. I love snowmobiling, down hill skiing, fishing, camping, hiking and having lots of fun. I've been single for 2 years after a relationship of 5 years ended. I've been in the pen now for 10 years serving a life sentence. I will respond to all and I will respect your privacy. Hello, my name is Christopher Houle and I am a Native, 27 years old and have been in prison for almost 9 years.I'm looking for someone short in height, between the ages of 20 and 30 who is open minded, honest and not a game player. I'm interested in being in a relationship again but I also welcome friendships. I like a lady that's intelligent, loyal, ambitious and likes to have fun, laugh and enjoy life. I'm 5'9", weigh 250 lbs and covered in tattoo's from head to toe. Able to transfer to any Maximum Security prison in Canada once my security is lowered from Super-Maximum. I'm about 6'4" with long hair reaching past the middle of my back (when not braided).Reading books, watching movies, playing video games. I love music..rap, hip-hop, dub-step, trance and techno.For women: I like a good personality, good heart as well as loyalty. I have traveled to a number of different countries.

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I've lived quite a crazy life and I have a lot of wisdom for my age. I have reached a point in my life where I am starting to live my faith - instead of just talk about it - and my life's changed significantly.

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