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They agreed on the design of and regulations for the new garden of remembrance.

As they had no quotations to put tarmac at the base of the fence, they will now ask for quotes to put concrete there instead.

Married 1st (, Chesterfield, Derbyshire) Mary Elgin Galloway, youngest daughter of Mr & Mrs H.

Married (1929) Barbara Patience Greenwell (-10.1997), daughter of Bernard Eyre Greenwell; one son, two daughters.* Very strongly recommended. Married 2nd (1966) Mrs Barbara Patience William Powett (-10.1997), daughter of Sir Bernard Greenwell, 2nd Bt, MBE, and widow of his brother Capt.

Hit by anti-aircraft and force landed on an enemy airfield, Elmas, they were captured at Bacu Abis, Sardinia.]Governor & Commander-in-Chief, Gibraltar, 1982-1985. Son (with two sisters and two brothers) of John Charles Williams (1863-1902), and Mary Ann Beavis Thompson (1865-1950). Married 1st (, Kensington, London; divorced) Isabella Thompson, only daughter of the late Mrs M. John Skinner Wilson (1849-1926), Dean of Edinburgh, and Eliza Mary Jane Clyne.

Pendleton failed to return in their Swordfish P4127 after a bombing raid on Cagliari, Sardinia. HMS Sultan (RN base, Singapore) [base paid off at the fall of Singapore; evacuated to Australia; responsible for repatriation of survivors of HMS Repulse and HMS Prince of Wales at Flinders Naval Depot in Victoria, Australia]Son (with two brothers) of Charles Edward Campbell Williams (1882-1960), and Ruby Towers (1887-). ).1940, Bodmin district, Cornwall) Nina Margaret Marsh ( - 12.1987), daughter of Louis Victor Marsh, and Margaret Owen; one son. in charge of the Combined Operations Pilotage Parties (COPP), taking actively part as Officer Commanding COPP1, aboard LCP(L) 190 and as Naval Commander, Force J in preparation of the Normandy landings Son (with four brothers and two sisters) of the Very Rev.

They accepted a quote from Baylis Landscape Contractors to plant a beech hedge by the path for £1,195 (the alternative quote of £2,278 appeared to do a lot more work e.g. They also discussed grave plot layouts and a digital map07 November 2017 Roads: Ash Road Council plan to complain to KCC and the MP about result of design and safety audit, even though county coucillor said they would be wasting their time; he wished they had invited him to the meeting.

They also plan to get costings for a traffic refuge instead.

It will be paid for either by Community Infrastructure Levy money or council's general reserve.18 December 2017 Amenities: Dog bins Council met with KCC to discuss.

When this proved impossible, he towed another ship to safety. Barton Newton Wallop William Powlett (1871-1953), and Emily Charlotte Tyndall Reibey (died 1954).

Elder son of Walter John Wilkinson, brewer, and Mary Ethel Marsden.

In naval circles it is custom to refer to the commander of a vessel as Captain. Strictly out of practical considerations CO (Commanding Officer) is used here on this site. This officer showed wonderful coolness under most trying circumstances, and his pluck and cheerfulness after the ship sank were certainly the means of saving the lives of several who would otherwise have given in and succumbed.

Abbreviations and explanations can be found at the help page.* this appointment should possibly read HMS Onslaught, but it's actually listed under HMS Onslow ** in the Navy List (incorrectly) indexed as HMS Onslow, but not listed under either HMS Onslaught nor HMS Onslow *** indexed, but not listed as such Only son of Engr Rear Adm. Henry Douglas Wilkin, RN (1862-1931), and Elfrida Iveson. I cannot speak too highly of this young officer's conduct throughout. Barton Newton Wallop William Powlett (1871-1953), and Emily Charlotte Tyndall Reibey (died 1954).

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